Alvaro s.n.c. was founded by former employees of the Cattaneo company in Olginate and is specialized in the manufacturing of decoilers, strip straighteners, feeders as well as complete feeding lines for presses.
Thanks to the extensive experience gained in this sector we are able to produce decoilers, strip straighteners, feeders and complete feeding lines for presses providing a high quality level which enables us to look at the future with confidence and with a strong commitment to meeting our customers‘ requirements according to the motto “We put our skills at your service”.


Feeding lines

Strip Straighteners




*NEW COMBINED DECOILER SRC* to be delivered to a client in Switzerland and consisting of 1 DECOILER with load capacity of 1000 Kg & 1 STRIP-STRAIGHTENER RM60-200 with rolls Ø60. Suited for strip thickness 0,6-3 mm and for limited space.


*NEW FEEDING/STRIP-STRAIGHTENER* suited for strip thickness ranging from 0,8 to 3 mm and for strip width max. 200 mm; equipped with rolls Ø60 mm, double pinch-roll, pneumatic pilots opening and drive Siemens S120

LINE ASM3000+RMA80-700

NEW LINE to be delivered to a client in Lecco. It consists of a MOTORIZED DECOILER ASM with capacity of 3000 Kg + a FEEDING STRIP-STRAIGHTENER RMA with rolls Ø80 suited for strip width 700 and strip thickness 0,5-5 mm.


NEW MODEL JUST DELIVERED! Capacity ranging from 600 to 3000 kg; Wire Ø from 1,5 to 10 mm; Inner Ø from 300 to 1800 mm; Outer Ø max. 2000 mm; Speed adjustment by means of dancer; Outlet wire-guide; Rotation speed up to 35 rpm.

FEEDER AE 95-400

Strip thickness max. 2,5 mm Strip width max. 400 mm 130 strokes per minute Pitch 80 mm Idle straightening rolls 3+2 Ø 50 mm Rolls release through hand lever Entry rolls system Encoder 5000 ppr SIEMENS automation software S7 1200